User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the latest Internet phenomenon and new sites are springing up everyday. The .tv domain name presents a unique opportunity for individuals to get their creative voices heard. In this new world you can be your own broadcaster, and like any broadcaster, you need an audience. A .tv domain name advertises your site as more exciting, richer, and more vibrant than the rest. And since .tv is more memorable, visitors will be able to recall your address when your great content keeps them coming back to find more.
Education & Training

Education and Training is increasingly moving online to take advantage of the power of the Internet. Video and audio training is simply more engaging than flat scrolling text. Use .tv to bring together the advantages of both with an engaging online training experience. A .tv domain name drives more visitors to your content with the promise of exciting, rich media education and training. Plus, it's more distinctive and memorable, making return visits far more likely.
Retail & Business Promotion

Consumers are an increasingly jaded audience. How can you grab their attention in a crowded market? With .tv! Video offers the opportunity to bring your products and services to life. The .tv domain name will broadcast that your site offers an exciting rich-media experience, before users even visit. And for businesses closely tied to rich-media, there is no better way to brand your company on the Web than with a .tv address. Get your message noticed, seen and heard with .tv.
Video & Music Broadcasting

Unlock the hidden value in your existing entertainment content with .tv. Your audience is spending more and more time on the Internet. Take full advantage of this new revenue opportunity by bringing your content to your audience online, with a .tv domain name. .tv tells people looking for rich-media content that your site is the place to find it. Combine a .tv address with a new or existing .com address for an unbeatable one-two punch!
Broadcasting & Film Industry

Your industry provides audiences with amazing entertainment experiences, whether that audience is on their sofas or at their desk. In our converging world those experiences often overlap, with the Internet supporting and augmenting the traditional broadcast experience. Tie these two experiences together even more closely with a .tv domain name. Show your audience that you deliver the rich exciting experiences they expect from you in the living room AND in the office. Own your brand everywhere with .tv. Perfect for movie trailers and film promotion.
Sports Videos & Interactive Gaming

Gaming fans are a demanding audience. They expect a dynamic, visually rich experience. And sports fans want more than scores in a box. They want to feel like they are on the field. Advertise that your site offers the exciting rich-media content they demand by using a .tv address. There are plenty of sports and gaming sites on the Web. But with the .tv domain name, you tell your users what sets your site apart before they even visit!