Ann Howard - Freelance Copywriter


Ann is a freelance copywriter based in North Sydney, she offers competitive rates and a wealth of experience. Multi-talented, like most of our freelancers, she describes herself as writer/journalist/illustrator.


FF: What do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

I had my own small and successful publishing company, Tarka, and found the drawback was trying to both give intense focus to my work and also to promote the company. I used sub-contractors and was reluctant to carry full time staff. I would have found The Freelance Factory useful back then.

I was given a centenary history to write, for Mercantile Mutual, which took over a year full time. When I got back into the marketplace, many of my carefully nurtured contacts had moved or disappeared. That's another reason why The Freelance Factory is such a brilliant idea."

Ann’s background:

Ann has worked as a freelancer at the highest government levels as well as the private sector.  Reliable, fun and fast - she's never missed a deadline and has a huge network of contacts across the industry.  Every job, however small, Ann gives focus and attention to detail. Ann is based from studios at North Sydney and Dangar Island (Lucky!).

Ann has lived in both hemispheres and has travelled extensively - from rock climbing in Tahiti to travelling alone on a small ship along the Alaskan coast. She began life as an artist, winning a scholarship to Goldsmiths College, London, worked in journalism and PR and became a well-published author.

Ann continues to work as a freelance writer, finishing off three manuscripts and has been madly painting in oils. Her first exhibition of magic realism is at Finks, Waverton this month - May 2007.

FF: I hear you did a parachute jump recently - how was that?

It was a tandem freefall from 14,000 feet and then a parachute glide to earth. Seven of us went up in one plane load, each with an instructor, after about an hour's instruction on the ground.

This is the biggest buzz. Kneeling in the open doorway of the plane, with arms crossed, head back and back arched, then falling towards earth. Then I was brought up with a pull as the little parachute opened and we sailed silently over the beach - fantastic. I didn't want it to end.

I have a new attitude to take to my work - more direction, more energy, more commitment.  Highly recommended!

Ann gives her Tuesdays to teaching Creative Writing at U3A.

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