Daniel Joyce - Freelance Illustrator

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Daniel is a very talented diverse freelance illustrator.

He can also turn his airbrushing hand to cartoonist, graphic designer, journalist, make up artist! and photographer.

Here's what he had to say...


FF: What do you think about the Freelance Factory concept?

I was pretty stoked to stumble upon the Freelance Factory on the internet ... and the challenge now has become to use this amazing facility as much as I can ... to access the massive potential client base on offer.

Freelancing is about successful networking and communicating so this website is the perfect tool.

Congrats' Jenni!

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with prospective clients who are impressed by what they see on my own website ... through my various mediums and styles of work.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

I started out as a freelancer by getting a few requests from friends for caricatures and portraits using graphite (B+W+ colour) pencils....and drawings of local surf breaks.

This kind of work snowballed while travelling/living/working overseas in European ski resorts.....so I decided to take it seriously on my return to the land of OZ.

FF: What do you specialise in?

I specialise in being diverse. The airbrush has become an extension of my hand and brain.

I can create a new visual identity system with pencil, paper and an imagination.... then install the design by hand directly on to any craft ... (click here to see link to Aeropelican link) The challenge in this kind of work is the business side....The Art of establishing a working relationship with your client.

FF: How do you usually source freelance work?

My freelance work comes predominantly from repeat clients and referrals......though there has been an increase since my recent april '08 Art exhibtion and fullpage feature in the July issue of 'Tracks' surfing magazine '08.

Click here to download a copy of the Tracks article.

This entire article is the fine work of Kirk Owers, a long time friend and work colleague of mine who is without doubt one if the most well respected surf journalist/photographer in the industry, and whose work is recognised on an international level through numerous publications.

See more of Kirk's work at:


I find that regular mini-marketing projects very important and am looking forward to my next exhibition early next year in '09.

FF: What has been your career highlights?

Apart from every single job which has lead to the next, I would say that the highlight of my career would be the challenges involved in single-handedly muralising large trucks and aircraft.... also, I had an Archibald entry of Mark Richards.

Another is my collection of personally signed caricatures of all 15 world champions of surfing.

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I have had many highlights so far.... watch this space!

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

Freelancing effects my lifestyle in a positive way. Freedom stimulates creativity.

FF: What other interests do you have?

Surfer, fisherman and chef.

I have a background in Hospitality (pub management) however as my art took priority, the alcohol did not mix.....so I turned to the food side of the hotel business. Food compliments Art beautifully. I can fallback into this work when needs be ... though now I'm committed full-time to artworking.

I have travelled many places around the globe to surf and snowboard and work/paint/photograph.... Europe, Africa, Canaries, Ireland, California, Mexico, Indonesia..... and a lifelong love of fishing.... to feed the starving artist!

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FF: Wow! Great talent - what training did you have?

Apart from high-school I have no formal training.....

I am 100% self taught.

Do you teach your skills to others?

I have carried out a few airbrush crash courses and a few 'motivation/inspiration demonstrations' for school kids and am looking into developing this area at the moment.

Great chatting Daniel. It’s great to have you on board. (no pun intended!)

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