Kaz Getts - Freelance Technical and Pharmaceutical Copywriter

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Kaz is a freelance copywriter based in Sydney and Newcastle. Here’s what she had to say...


FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

I was working as National Marketing Manager for a large multi-national company. I really enjoyed the creative parts of my role, so I traded in my imposing corner office for a quirky room in the heritage-listed sandstone of the Cliveden Building in Sydney. I really enjoyed the change and I'm still a freelancer many years on ...

FF: What do you specialise in?

Anything hard :)  I find business people look further afield when they have a more difficult task to undertake. That works well for people like me who have multi-disciplinary backgrounds. My main specialties are in technical areas and working on projects in health (including health economics), pharmaceuticals, biotech and hi tech. As I have a pharmacy degree and an MBA, I can come to grips with the technical side quickly and put complex ideas into easily understood terms for investors or sales applications.

FF: What has been your career highlights?

Gee, that's hard to say. I've worked on some incredibly exciting projects for a wide range of companies. Some of the work I'm proudest of has been the "quietest" - that is, working for some of Australia's commercialisation companies such as Unisearch, that took Australia's early stage research and inventions and marketed these to the world.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

I love the flexibility it offers - which allows me to get a balance between my career and my private life - something we all want, I think! I also love the variety of working on a range of projects with a broad range of great people in different companies and industries.

It also makes me pedantic. Freelancing is the best! You can really create a work/life balance!

FF: What other interests do you have?

... I'm a performed playwright - I wrote a musical called "Coppertail Creek" which was performed at Marian St Theatre in 2005  and was really well received - and I've had 2 plays performed at Short & Sweet. My first full length play, "Shades", is to be produced in Sydney later this year. I also tap dance and sing.

Travel is also a particular passion of mine. On one trip my partner and I went on a mummy-hunt through Chile and Peru - a fascinating experience. There's no greater privilege for me than seeing other countries, their cultures and histories. It appeals to the storyteller in me :)

FF: How do you usually source freelance work and what do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

Pounding the pavement! So I think the Freelance Factory is a fantastic idea! I'm looking forward to creating some solid relationships.

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