Nicole Osborn - Freelance Copywriter and Artist.

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Nicole is a freelance writer and artist based in Port Macquarie. Here's what she had to say...

Here's what he had to say...


FF: What do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

I think it's a welcoming idea. Jenni is unbelievably generous with her time and obviously passionate about congregating Australian Creatives.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

From school, I began working as a receptionist for Radio 6PR - and started writing radio ads and urged (actually pestered !) the sales manager to give me briefs so I could write copy.

Then moved on to an ad agency, still as a receptionist. Again nagging creatives to give me briefs.

Had an interview at GWN - and got the job as regional copywriter and did Award school at SSC&B Lintas in Sydney. At that time working at Ogilvy.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

Freelancing doesn't affect my lifestyle. It fits in with it.

Four kids, painting and writing. We have no clocks.

FF: Why did you choose to freelance?


FF: What is your speciality?

Comedy. I married the comedy radio announcer for SAFM, moved to Adelaide and wrote for the breakfast show. Then linked up with Adam Hills (Spicks and Specks) and wrote stand up and other bits and pieces.

FF: What has been your career highlights?

A London film company asked for a synopsis for my romantic comedy and then saying "yeah - send in your script". I also gave birth to my fourth child that week. It was a pretty busy week!

FF: Do you teach your skills to others?

Not yet. Would love to explore painting and art to children with special needs.

FF: What’s coming up?

A couple of projects in the pipeline with Adam Hills. I'm getting close to securing a location for an exhibition of my artwork. Painting madly.

Also working on a 10 minute short play - and my mind working on the next screenplay.

Nicole's artwork is displayed throughout this email.

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FF: How do you usually source freelance work?

Lazily word-of-mouth.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

Sometimes deadlines are a bit tight and I find myself working nights and weekends - but when I'm not busy it's nice to have time to read a book.

FF: What other interests do you have?

Reading, art, films, exploring, healthy food, good wine, running, having fun, breathing.

FF: Great chatting Nicole!

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