Peter Barry - Award winning copywriter


Peter has worked on some of the World's greatest brands, in some of the best advertising agencies in the UK and Australia including Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, The Campaign Palace and George Patterson Bates (just to name 4!) and won some of the most prestigious creative awards.

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Peter is now freelancing based in Melbourne.

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FF: What do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

I stumbled on it somewhere or other ... I believe it's a great idea, especially because it saves me wearing out my footwear.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

Originally it wasn't my decision, but now I would never go back to working with an agency, where you spend most of the day in meetings or trying to dodge politicking.

I like being at the coalface, so to speak, and hearing about a client's problems face to face. I also love the fact I'm my own boss and can therefore enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

FF: What‘s your speciality

Any form of communications. It used to be TV commercials and double page spreads, whereas now it tends more towards the so-called new media. I've been labelled a bit of a car and financial services specialist, but over the years I've literally worked on almost every kind of product and service imaginable, in every medium.

FF: What has been your career highlights?

There have been many. Maybe writing the follow-up to the famous 'Manhattan' commercials for British Airways, having it praised (to the skies?) by Lord King. Another highlight was suggesting to one of our World's greatest art directors (Paul Arden) that my layout for an ad was better than his - and having him agree with me.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

I love working where and when I want, but – being totally honest – I’m not so keen on having an income that resembles a roller coaster, forcing me to switch from caviar and champagne one week to bread and water the next.

FF: What other interests do you have?

Like most creatives, there's little that doesn't interest me, but writing fiction and playing tennis are up near the top of my reasons for being.

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