Rob Bosschieter - Freelance Art Director/Designer


Rob is a freelance designer/art director based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Here's what he had to say...


FF: How do you usually source freelance work and what do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

I like to be proactive with my regular clients by suggesting ideas and looking for opportunities. I network, door knock, scour the media and occasionally advertise.

Freelance Factory is a great idea.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

Early in my career I did a stint of freelancing for about a year. Then worked full time as an Art Director and Creative Director for agencies and design groups. I also did a two and half year stint in Amsterdam.

Three years ago I left a Sydney ad agency and started freelancing again.

A year later white ants ate part of my house, so I redesigned my house, added a home office/studio, project managed the building and here I am.

FF: Amsterdam? - wow that sounds exciting It was challenging, a really great experience, with the bonus of working with some brillant people whilst living in one of the great cities of the world. On the personal side it took me back to my roots, and uncovered sides of the family that I never knew existed. The language was never a problem as I can work in both.

F: What do you specialise in?

Strategic thinking, ideas and concepts, art direction, design, artwork and implementation. I use all my skill base to help companies explore and develop opportunities.

Another of my specialities is problem solving. Many companies are beginning to understand that "design thinking" and problem solving are crucial to improved performance across many aspects of their activity. Being a solo act I often find myself working in diverse contexts, challenged to design or find opportunities for different products in a broad reach of environments.

FF: Why do you chose to freelance?

It provides me with challenges and a variety of things to do. No day is the same. Running my own consultancy has taught me a lot more about the business of doing business.

I also guest lecture if I can. Currently, at one of my clients, I mentor some of their younger project managers and the creative services team.

Also - it allows me the flexibility to work in-house with a client or agency - or over the web in my own studio.

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FF: What has been your career highlights?

There have been many… having the opportunity to work in Amsterdam, and not having to work when my daughter was born.

Creating successful campaigns - you never get over that. Such as Ayers Rock Resort, the Roberta Flack red nose day campaign, relaunching Renault in Australia, numerous Volvo campaigns, KLM, developing Malaysia Airlines Australian web presence, launching NCL cruiseline in Australia to name a few.

It's great being able to do what I enjoy doing. Plus meeting and collaborating with many talented people.

Recently I designed and was involved in the creation and launch of the fundraising cookbook "northern beaches cooks".

Northern Beaches Cooks is available in bookshops around Sydney for $39.95.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

Freelancing doesn't effect your lifestyle but deadlines do. Whether you're an employee or freelancer, when you have a deadline, you're committed to meet it and deliver the goods.

FF: What other interests do you have?

... I love old wooden boats, sailing and anything to do with the sea. Genelogy is something I stop, start and  tinker with. I hope one day to write a book about my mothers survival of the holocaust in WWII and how it shaped who she was.

Also - Architecture - ever since I was a boy I would draw weird buildings. Recently I completed a building design course. You've all heard of Francophiles ... well I guess I'm a Dutchophile, can't get enough of all things Dutch. Lastly got to include travel and photography.

FF: Thanks for your time Rob.

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