Tom Maclachlan - Freelance Art Director/Designer

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Tom is an award winning freelance journalist/writer/playwright and screenwriter based in North Carlton, Melbourne. Here's what he had to say...


FF: How do you usually find freelance work and what do you think of the Freelance Factory concept?

Usually word of mouth or I'll send out my portfolio to companies or publications that I'm interested in.

I think Freelance Factory is a fantastic way for freelancers with small advertising budgets to get their name out there. And I love the personal nature of the service.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

I was working as an editor of a street press magazine when the publisher got charged for naughtiness with his secretaries and the whole thing folded. I was out on the street with nothing but my laptop. Next thing I knew, I was a freelancer. 

FF: Why do you chose to freelance?

I like the work variety. I have a part time job (3 days) as a journalist, and then freelance on the spare days and nights.

FF: What has been your career highlights?

Being selected as Australia's playwriting ambassador to the YPI playwright's conference in New York.

I am a playwright and my work (including corporate theatre) has appeared on many stages. Earlier this year, I have a play in Melbourne called 'The Bones Love Gringo'. Season 20th Feb - 2nd March. Melbourne.

'The Bones Love Gringo' - that's an usual title - what's it about?

It's a provocative comedy about the search for lost Australians in Cuba. Two misfit Aussies are banished, without money or means, to a communist country they've never heard of. To escape 'the Cuban menace' they must find the one Australian ally - but he's stuck in Guantanamo Bay. Intimate, funny and profound.

FF: What‘s your speciality

Journalism and long form copywriting.

FF: What other interests do you have?

Surfing, photography, film, travel ... to be honest, I'm interested in too much - I'm a Gemini. Though I loathe clichés, the one about the day not having enough hours is spot on.

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