Ian Barry

Position: Graphic Designer. Ipswich


My strong point is research and problem solving. And I like to think my computer drawing with Adobe Illustrator is of a high standard. Also my computer skills are good across a range of industry programs.
But what really helps my work is having a license for Adobe programs, which helps me take full advantage of the Adobe database giving me access to new and improved techniques, that I constantly explore and download from Adobe to get the most out of the programs. So when I am looking for a formula to a problem I can get the answer quickly.
This is another advantage of freelancing - it allows time for this. Plus having subscriptions to industry mags like Layers, now Photoshop User and Mac World keeps me up to date with the latest trends. It's money well spent!
Also I have two hand illustrations that I like doing. One is dot pointillism for black and white illustrations using tech pens. The other is coloured ink pens and fine art colour pencils worked over with white, grey and black colour pencils - this gives the illustrations a hand rendered airbrush effect.

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