Terms & Conditions


The Freelance Factory is a web based directory of Freelancers. Providing businesses, agencies and clients direct access to a pool of Freelance Talent. It is free for freelancers to register on the Freelance Factory for a honeymoon period of 6 months (please note this may be extended due to the current Coronavirus situation). After 6 months a small monthly fee applies - $11 per month paid via the Paypal app. This enables freelancers to add their profiles to the Freelance Factory directory website. Businesses, agencies and clients search the Freelance Web Pages absolutely FREE. Freelancers can team up with other freelancers and search the directory absolutely FREE.

All Freelancers that wish to register must read and agree to the conditions of this site.
All Freelancers will receive a SIX MONTH FREE ‘Honeymoon Period’ trial after which a nominal fee of $11 per month or $100 per year is payable.
All Freelancers must allow the Freelance Factory to verify any information upon request.
The Freelance Creative Profile Web Page can provide a link to the Freelancers personal website.
If you wish to terminate your registration at any time - your request for termination must be received 7 days before due date (each registration will have a monthly anniversary date). If paying on a monthly recurring fee, the termination will take place on the next monthly anniversary.
However the Freelance Factory reserves the right to terminate immediately at any time.

All the information that is submitted must be true and correct.
All information supplied must not be unlawful, harmful, abusive, harassing, threatening or objectionable.
All Freelancers must not impersonate any one or mislead prospective businesses and clients in any way.
The Freelance Creative Profile Web Page can provide a link to a Freelancer's personal website. This site must not contain any x-rated adult or sexually explicit content. The Freelance Factory will cancel any registration that contravenes this condition immediately.
Freelancers must not post any x-rated adult or sexually explicit content on the Freelance Profile Page.
Freelancers must not post copyrighted material unless they are the copyright owner or have the permission of the copyright owner.
Freelancers can add, delete or modify their Freelance Creative Profile Web Page at any time free of charge.
We recommend that you exit (log off) at the end of each session. For extra security and assurance - all Freelancers will be sent a written confirmation of registration, with username and password which will require a reply to verify and activate the account. If you forget your password or username - click on the link on the site to request a new one from .

The Freelance Factory will make every commitment to ensure the information supplied by the Freelancer is true and correct however the Freelance Factory cannot be responsible for incorrect information supplied by the Freelancer. The Freelance Factory reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time and for any reason. Monies will be refunded (if paid in advance). The Freelance Factory will cancel any registration if it is seen to be a liability.
The Freelance Factory acts solely as a directory and as a conduit and does not accept any responsibility for any misconduct or discrepancies. The Freelance Factory cannot accept any liability for work done between Freelancer and client.
The Freelance Factory does not accept any responsibility regarding payment of services. The Freelancer works directly with the Business or Client and charges and provides a service completely on their terms. It is important the Freelancer and Client negotiate terms prior to commencement of work.
The Freelance Factory cannot accept any responsibility for failure of payment between Client and Freelancer service provider.
The Freelance Factory provides access to third party content and acts as a conduit between the parties. It cannot therefore accept any liability for copyright, libel or privacy infringements. It cannot accept any liability for the control of quality of the work supplied by the Freelance Service provider.
As The Freelance Factory is not involved in the user-to-user dealings, we do not accept responsibility in the event of a dispute between Businesses or Client and the Freelance Service provider
The Freelance Factory is committed to ensure any personal information provided (other than the content wished to be displayed on the Creative Profile Web Page) is kept private. The Freelance Factory will keep all registered Freelancers and all registered Businesses and Clients informed of updates and initiatives relating to this site. Please advise us if you do not wish to receive any updates from us. Freelancers however will be contacted regularly to request updates to their Profile page. The Freelance Factory will do everything possible to protect personal information. Access to you personal information can be accessed only by your username and password, therefore we recommend you do not make your username and password available to anyone else.

The Freelance Factory claims copyright for all information published on this site, including text, graphics, images, logos, buttons, icons, trademarks. The code that The Freelance Factory created to generate the site is also protected copyright and cannot be copied or adapted. The Freelance Factory will terminate the accounts of users who infringe copyright. If you believe that your work has been used or copied please provide us with notice and we will investigate.

The Freelance Factory is a registered trademark in Australia (Reg no. 1020160), UK under the Madrid Protocol (WIPO Registration no. 0869070) and USA (Reg no. 79017990).